Power of Hands

Power of Hands Foundation is a charitable enterprise with the aim of raising funds to support those who struggle to survive as their craft skills become redundant and they need retraining to adapt to the world we live in today.

The Foundation currently works alongside award wining costume designer Andrea Galer who feels strongly about promoting ethical trade in her industry of film and fashion. The collaboration looks to broaden the impact the media can have on helping crafts and lifestyle being recognised as an important part of our lives.

In 2004 Power of Hands started as an exhibition and film of Andrea’s work to inspire the public with ways of doing positive things with our hands and providing ways of moving away from all the negativity in the world. Decisions that are made in our world have an impact on a wide network of people. With her extensive experience in film and fashion, Andrea Galer seeks to raise awareness about the gradual demise of arts and crafts in the current society of mass-production. Power of Hands strives to preserve the traditional crafts and skills that are dying out so that they will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.

You can read the charity report here