Ethical Trade

The Power of Hands Foundation works in affiliation with the AG brand. Its founder, Andrea Galer, is committed to supporting ethical trade.

The Foundation aims to provide corrective actions for crafts workers worldwide. Initially for the lace makers after the Tsunami in Sri Lanka, it raised funds to start a training and assessment centre to improve working conditions of the lace-makers. This aimed to provide them with ethical living and working conditions. Such support for crafts workers is crucial.

The current challenge is to integrate ethical trade of these and other crafts from the UK so that craft-workers worldwide can continue their employment.

Andrea Galer believes that inspiring a debate around the theme of craftswork is key to keeping these skills and life interactions alive today. Through her work as costume designer, Andrea has attracted voices from the top of the film industry to contribute to this dynamic debate and to spread the participation in this ever-evolving movement that addresses the problems of ethical trade today.

Her project, Threads of Time, is the organic vehicle for positive ethical change which brings together Andrea Galer’s work investigating how politics link with trading and the history of ‘arts and crafts’.

You can purchase and support ethical products via her website, please click here: